Your Questions About Fibroids Symptoms Nausea

Sharon asks…

What do these symptoms mean?

For about 3 weeks now, I have had these symptoms:

- Light headed/mild dizziness
- Nausea and stomach cramps, the nausea and feeling sick is getting more frequent
- Bloating
- Mood swings
- Mild fatigue/tiredness

Some facts about me
* I am 21, female
* I have IBS
* I have unprotected sex with my partner, BUT it is only because he is classed as 65% infertile and I haven’t had a proper period for 9 months and they are irregular. This is just due to been overweight, I have been tested for everything like pcos, fibroids… all negative
* I suffer from Non-allergic rhinitis and I suffer with my sinuses alot, but no infections
* I tested for a urinary infection, all clear…. I also have no temperature/fever.. but I have been feeling more warmer and I am not sleeping very well at night.

What does anyone think it could be? I thought pregnancy but it seems so unlikely.

Stephanie answers:

Why not just take a pregnancy test cos there still is that 35% that your partner is fertile.. :-)
It will put your mind at ease also.

Good luck.

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