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Linda asks…

I periodically get blood tinged mucus vaginal discharge, what does that mean?

It happened about 6 months ago. It went on for about a two months. I had the discharge for about a week at a time. It was only noticeable on the toilet paper. I went to the doctor, she ran tests and nothing came out of it, other than I have fibroids. Can having fibroids cause this bloody mucus to come and go?..I have no other symptoms.

Stephanie answers:

Yes, fibroids can cause that. Some women may also have spotting like that for no reason. You can check the list of fibroids symptoms here:


Lisa asks…

Increased clear vaginal discharge good or bad?

Increased clear vaginal discharge to where the underwear is soaked……is that a sign of pregnancy? I also have every symptom of being pregnant (except i havent taken a test yet). But I also know that I have fibroids and ovarian cysts.

Stephanie answers:

Some females experience more discharge when they are pregnant, some don’t. Best to take a test.

Different Types of Discharge:

White: Thick, white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Normal white discharge is not accompanied by itching. If itching is present, thick white discharge can indicate a yeast infection.

Clear and stretchy: This is “fertile” mucous and means you are ovulating.

Clear and watery: This occurs at different times of your cycle and can be particularly heavy after exercising.

Yellow or Green: May indicate an infection, especially if thick or clumpy like cottage cheese or has a foul odor.

Spotting Blood/Brown Discharge: May happen right after periods, and is just “cleaning out” your vagina. Old blood looks brown. This may occur when you are ovulating/mid-cycle.

Different types of infections:

Signs of yeast infections:
White, cottage cheese-like discharge
Swelling and pain around the vulva
Intense itching
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Signs of bacterial vaginosis:
A white, gray or yellowish vaginal discharge
A fishy odor that is strongest after sex or after washing with soap
Itching or burning
Slight redness and swelling of the vagina or vulva

See a doctor anyway to get diagnosed and sort your problem out.


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