What Are Uterine Fibroids Symptoms?

If you suffer from uterine fibroids you will probably suffer even more from some of the fibroids symptoms. They are unpleasant and often hindering your life, not only on the physical level but also your social and intimate life.

The fibroid pain could be very intense and cause significant limitations in your life. It can result in problems at work, as you need to take some days off too often, embarrassment at public, such as stains on clothes, severe pain attack or anemia.

Very often, mainly at the early stages when the fibroids are small, women may experience no fibroids symptoms at all. That is the reason why many women do not know about them. The way to learn whether you have uterine fibroids or not, is regularly visiting your doctor for a preventative check up.

Here is a quick list of fibroids symptoms and below the list you will find more detailed description of the fibroids symtpoms.

List Of The Fibroids Symptoms:

suffering fibroids pain

Severe pain belongs to the fibroids symptoms

- Heavy, painful and unusually long menstruation

- Heavy feeling in the abdomen resembling pregnancy

- Anemia as a result of heavy menstruation

- Painful intercourse

- Backache

- Constipation

- Frequent urination or blocked urination

- Swelling or discomfort in a lower abdomen

- Edema (the accumulation of fluid) in the feet and ankles and pain in the legs

Fibroids And Pregnancy: Symptoms Of Fibroids Concerning Pregnancy:

- Problems with fertility

- Problems during the pregnancy

- Miscarriage (could be even repeatedly)

If you want to learn more about fibroids during pregnancy and related issues, visit this post: fibroids and pregnancy.

Description Of Firoids Symptoms

When the fibroids symptoms appear, they often manifest during the menstruation, causing unusually heavy and long lasting bleeding. Cramps and abdominal pain are mostly caused by larger fibroids in uterus. Women who were pregnant before describe this pain as a heavy pain resembling pregnancy.

The fibroid pain could be very intense and cause significant limitations in your life. It can result in problems at work, as you need to take some days off too often, embarrassment at public, such as stains on clothes, severe pain attack or anemia. Pain during intercourse also belongs to the fibroids symptoms.

An urgent and frequent urination appears too. When the fibroids are close to the bladder, they can pressurize it and cause blocked urine flow. This can sometimes result in uncontrollable leakage of urine. Women with fibroids often have constipation, as the fibroids can put the pressure on rectum. Because the fibroids growth develops a pressure on organs around them, they can squeeze nerves and cause a back pain too.

To rarer symptoms of fibroids belongs edema (the accumulation of fluid) in the feet and ankles followed with legs pain.

Depending on the fibroids’ exact location, infertility can be a problem too for women suffering from uterine fibroids. Getting pregnant with the fibroids still can happen but often result in pregnancy complications. Fibroids in pregnant women include abnormal bleeding and alterations in the position of the fetus. A higher than normal possibility of miscarriage and / or premature labor is further uterine fibroids symptoms common to pregnant women.

If you were diagnosed with small fibroids, you will most probably not just yet experience the severe stages of the fibroids symptoms. However, if you want to avoid huge problems in the future, starting with the unpleasant fibroids symptoms and problems with infertility and often ending with a hysterectomy, you may want to think about solution for your fibroids and explore appropriate fibroids treatment as soon as possible.

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